500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 1500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 2500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 3500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 4
500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 5500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 6500 Years: German Protestants in Britain  Image 7

500 Years: German Protestants in Britain

Identity and website design, 2017
Lynch Architects  Image 1Lynch Architects  Image 2Lynch Architects  Image 3Lynch Architects  Image 4
Lynch Architects  Image 5Lynch Architects  Image 6Lynch Architects  Image 7Lynch Architects  Image 8Lynch Architects  Image 9

Lynch Architects

Website design, 2017
HAM Image 1HAM Image 2HAM Image 3
HAM Image 4HAM Image 5


Identity and website design, 2017
Dow Jones Image 1Dow Jones Image 2Dow Jones Image 3Dow Jones Image 4Dow Jones Image 5Dow Jones Image 6Dow Jones Image 7

Dow Jones

Website design, 2017
Drawing Matter Image 1Drawing Matter Image 2Drawing Matter Image 3
Drawing Matter Image 4Drawing Matter Image 5Drawing Matter Image 6

Drawing Matter

Identity and website design, 2016
Group Ginger Image 1Group Ginger Image 2Group Ginger Image 3
Group Ginger Image 4Group Ginger Image 5Group Ginger Image 6Group Ginger Image 7

Group Ginger

Identity and website design, 2016
SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 1SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 2
SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 3SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 4SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 5SS. Peter and Paul Primary School Image 6

SS. Peter and Paul Primary School

Identity and website design, 2015
UP projects Image 1UP projects Image 2UP projects Image 3UP projects Image 4UP projects Image 5

UP projects

Identity and website design, 2015
Bernhard Willhelm Image 1
Bernhard Willhelm Image 2Bernhard Willhelm Image 3Bernhard Willhelm Image 4Bernhard Willhelm Image 5Bernhard Willhelm Image 6Bernhard Willhelm Image 7

Bernhard Willhelm

Website concept and programming, 2015
Cafe Oto Image 1Cafe Oto Image 2Cafe Oto Image 3Cafe Oto Image 4

Cafe Oto

Identity and website design, 2014

We developed a new website and bespoke typeface for Cafe OTO, one of London's most innovative independent music venues.


Norman Parkinson Archive Image 1

Norman Parkinson Archive

Website design, 2014
Studio Weave Image 1Studio Weave Image 2Studio Weave Image 3Studio Weave Image 4Studio Weave Image 5

Studio Weave

Website development, 2014
A colourful new website for London-based architecture/art/design practice who ‘do awesome projects in awesome places everywhere’. True. Studio Weave icon by Nous Vous.


Cricklewood Image 1


Website design, 2014
Textile toolbox  Image 1
Textile toolbox  Image 2Textile toolbox  Image 3Textile toolbox  Image 4Textile toolbox  Image 5

Textile toolbox

Textile Toolbox website, Chelsea College of Art & Design, 2014
Siobhan Davies Dance Image 1
Siobhan Davies Dance Image 2Siobhan Davies Dance Image 3Siobhan Davies Dance Image 4Siobhan Davies Dance Image 5Siobhan Davies Dance Image 6

Siobhan Davies Dance

Website development, August 2014

Siobhan Davies Dance is an investigative arts organisation that stimulates new thinking based on a more contemporary definition of choreography. In 2013/14 we updated the company’s identity, print marterial and stationary. We relaunched its website in August 2014.


Gort Scott Architects Image 1
Gort Scott Architects Image 2Gort Scott Architects Image 3Gort Scott Architects Image 4Gort Scott Architects Image 5Gort Scott Architects Image 6

Gort Scott Architects

Website development, 2012
Wednesdays at the Forge Image 1Wednesdays at the Forge Image 2Wednesdays at the Forge Image 3Wednesdays at the Forge Image 4Wednesdays at the Forge Image 5

Wednesdays at the Forge

Website design for Wednesdays at the Forge, concert series, 2013
Field Studies 2014 Image 1Field Studies 2014 Image 2Field Studies 2014 Image 3Field Studies 2014 Image 4Field Studies 2014 Image 5Field Studies 2014 Image 6Field Studies 2014 Image 7

Field Studies 2014

Website design for annual summer school, 2014
Spike Island, Bristol Image 1
Spike Island, Bristol Image 2Spike Island, Bristol Image 3Spike Island, Bristol Image 4Spike Island, Bristol Image 5Spike Island, Bristol Image 6

Spike Island, Bristol

Website design and development, January 2012
Caruso St John Architects Image 1
Caruso St John Architects Image 2Caruso St John Architects Image 3Caruso St John Architects Image 4Caruso St John Architects Image 5

Caruso St John Architects

Website design and programming, 2009
Celltexts Image 1Celltexts Image 2Celltexts Image 3Celltexts Image 4Celltexts Image 5


Writings by prisoners, 2008
V22 Website Image 1
V22 Website Image 2V22 Website Image 3V22 Website Image 4V22 Website Image 5

V22 Website

Website development for V22, 2013
Future Perfect Image 1Future Perfect Image 2Future Perfect Image 3

Future Perfect

Public art programme for Bristol, identity and web design, 2014
The Wrong Shop Image 1
The Wrong Shop Image 2The Wrong Shop Image 3The Wrong Shop Image 4The Wrong Shop Image 5

The Wrong Shop

Identity development and website, October 2011

The Wrong Shop is an innovative new platform started by designer Sebastian Wrong that allows the world’s leading designers to explore their creativity with experimental pieces that require unorthodox methods of production.


Dow Jones Architects Image 1
Dow Jones Architects Image 2Dow Jones Architects Image 3Dow Jones Architects Image 4Dow Jones Architects Image 5

Dow Jones Architects

Identity and website design, 2012
Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 1
Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 2Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 3Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 4Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 5Yiannis Katsaris Photography Image 6

Yiannis Katsaris Photography

Website and Visual Identity for photographer Yiannis Katsaris, May 2012
Bernhard Willhelm  Image 1
Bernhard Willhelm  Image 2Bernhard Willhelm  Image 3Bernhard Willhelm  Image 4Bernhard Willhelm  Image 5

Bernhard Willhelm

Website design and programming, 2010
HAM Image 1HAM Image 2HAM Image 3HAM Image 4


E-commerce and website development for HAM
Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 1
Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 2Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 3Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 4Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 5Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 6Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 7

Kinnear Landscape Architects

Identity and website development, audio recording and production, October 2011

This identity development and website for renown landscape architects KLA is our first project to involve sound. It is the result of research we are undertaking at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Design, LondonMet, on the topic of listening in relation to our experience of the environment. The homepage and selected projects include ambient recordings from the sites, adding a new dimension to the way work in architecture and the built environment is traditionally represented.


TED Image 1


Identity and website design for the Textiles Environment Design research institute at University of the Arts
museumaker  Image 1
museumaker  Image 2museumaker  Image 3museumaker  Image 4


Website design and programming, 2010


Website design and programming, 2011
Austrian Cultural Forum London  Image 1
Austrian Cultural Forum London  Image 2Austrian Cultural Forum London  Image 3

Austrian Cultural Forum London

Website design and programming, 2010
Zoo Art Enterprises Image 1Zoo Art Enterprises Image 2

Zoo Art Enterprises

Website design and programming, 2003–2009
Richard Hollis Image 1
Richard Hollis Image 2Richard Hollis Image 3Richard Hollis Image 4

Richard Hollis

Website design and programming, 2007
The Approach Image 1
The Approach Image 2The Approach Image 3

The Approach

Design collaboration with Fraser Muggeridge studio, 2007
Wolff Olins Image 1Wolff Olins Image 2
Wolff Olins Image 3Wolff Olins Image 4Wolff Olins Image 5

Wolff Olins

Design collaboration with Wolff Olins, 2008-2010
Emily Greeves Image 1Emily Greeves Image 2Emily Greeves Image 3Emily Greeves Image 4Emily Greeves Image 5Emily Greeves Image 6

Emily Greeves

Identity and website design, 2010