Meanwhile Space Image 1

Meanwhile Space

Identity design, 2017
St. James Street Image 1

St. James Street

Identity design, Borough of Waltham Forest, 2016
UP Projects Image 1

UP Projects

Identity design, 2015
Drawing Matter Image 1

Drawing Matter

Identity Design, 2016
Trash 2 Cash Image 1

Trash 2 Cash

Chelsea College of Art & Design, 2015
Archio Image 1


Architecture practice, identity design, 2015
Croome Image 1


Identity design, Worcestershire, National Trust, 2015
O-LAB Image 1


Identity design, 2015
Future Perfect Image 1

Future Perfect

Public art programme for Bristol, identity design, 2014
V22 Image 1


Identity design, 2013
Arnolfini Gallery Image 1

Arnolfini Gallery

Bristol, Identity design, 2013
Textile Toolbox Image 1

Textile Toolbox

Chelsea College of Arts and Design, Identity design, 2012
Duchess Street Productions Image 1

Duchess Street Productions

Identity design, 2014
Cricklewood Image 1


Identity design, 2012
Watershed Bristol Image 1

Watershed Bristol

Identity design, 2012
Emily Greeves Architects Image 1

Emily Greeves Architects

Identity design, 2010
Another Austria  Image 1

Another Austria

Identity design, 2013
Stitchcombe Productions Image 1

Stitchcombe Productions

Identity design, 2012
The Wrong Shop Image 1

The Wrong Shop

Identity design, 2011
Lynch Architects Image 1

Lynch Architects

Identity design, 2011
British Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurses Association Image 1

British Anaesthetic & Recovery Nurses Association

Identity design, 2012
Lynn Kinnear Landscape Architects Image 1

Lynn Kinnear Landscape Architects

Identity design, 2011
Dog and grouse Image 1

Dog and grouse

Identity design, 2011
Wonders of Weston Image 1

Wonders of Weston

Identity design, 2010
Bob & Co  Image 1

Bob & Co

Identity design, 2010
Textiles Environment Design Image 1

Textiles Environment Design

Chelsea College of Arts and Design, Identity design, 2011
Situations Image 1


Identity design, 2010
Ignite! Image 1


Identity design, 2007

Ignite! was set up in October 2006 to promote creativity in learning. Ignite! works with young people to reveal and develop their capacity for creativity and creative thinking.

OPM Partnership Image 1

OPM Partnership

Identity design, 2008
Zoo Art Fair  Image 1

Zoo Art Fair

Identity design, 2003
Consortium Projects Image 1

Consortium Projects

Identity design, 2008
Zoo Art Enterprises Image 1

Zoo Art Enterprises

Identity design, 2009
Ignition* Image 1


Identity design, 2008
ASD Projects Image 1

ASD Projects

Identity design, 2006
The London Consortium Image 1

The London Consortium

Identity design, 2006